Saturday, January 3, 2009

iPhone 3G unlocked for version 2.2 via software

iphone 3G software unlock version 2.2
My dear readers, this is my first post for 2009 and I'm starting it off on a happy note. I finally managed to unlock my iPhone 3G version 2.2 via software! I did lose a few bucks on worthless turbo sims offering nothing but garbage on printed circuit boards. Thanks to this news from iClarified, my iPhone 3G has been unlocked and back in action! The only thing is that I needed to jailbreak the iPhone 3G which is ok considering that all the functionalities are well preserved. Once you jailbreak the iPhone 3G all you need to do is:

To perform the unlock you must install the yellowsn0w package from one of the following sources:

- Cydia source:
- Installer repo:

There is also a very good tutorial which has been written up by them and I tried as well. Yes it works, but sometimes the iPhone 3G might take some time to pick up the signal. You could try the following if that happens:

- Switch off WiFi
- Toggle 3G mode
- Toggle airplane mode

I tried these steps above a few times before the iPhone 3G picked up my carrier's signal. And yes, you will need to upgrade to version 2.2 for this unlock to work as well. So have fun with this iPhone 3G unlocking tutorial.