Tuesday, December 30, 2008

World's slimmest LED backlit TV to be launched by LG!

lg lh95
It certainly looks like the only innovation that's going on in the TV industry is getting the TV to look like an aluminum foil. LG has come one more step towards achieving this by announcing that they will be launching the world's slimmest LED backlit TV during CES 2009.

The LH95 certainly is anticipated to be the slimmest and sexiest of its peers. But will it be able to perform as well as its Japanese counterparts? From my experience I don't see LG being able to meet the prowess of some of the famous Japanese brands in terms of picture quality. We do have some information in terms of its specs - 240Hz TrueMotion Drive technology and a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio. But there is no word in terms of pricing. How is LG going to market a TV such as this in such a weak economy?


Shamim said...

That is one slim TV. I can finally put a big TV on the ceiling above my bed and watch shows and movies all from the comfortable bed.

Raj said...

@Shamim, I still like TVs hanging on the wall rather than on the ceiling. Its definitely going to be difficult to munch on my favorite pack of potato chips :)