Sunday, January 4, 2009

SkiGym: Now you can ski at home too!

ski simulator skigym
Are you a Ski-aholic? Do you want to enjoy that adrenalin rush of skiing on the alps without leaving the comforts of your home? Sure you could always buy a Nintendo Wii - but the Wii is definitely not for serious ski enthusiasts. If you want to try something which is more realistic, then I suggest you try the SkiGym.

Some bloggers have been calling the Wii as a silly alternative to the actual thing. Although I would not go to the extent of calling the Wii as anything close to "silly", I would still not call it the next best thing to the real thing. So the folks at skigym have come up with this impressive realistic ski simulator which you could hook up to your PC like shown in the picture. The game includes 32 different courses from 18 real-world mountains, just to add to the realism. But you will need to cough up $2300 for this skigym though! Wouldn't you rather use that to go on a real ski vacation?