Sunday, September 14, 2008

Virtual cue for your Nintendo Wii

american pool deluxe realmotion virtual cue for nintendo wiiThis could be the ultimate pool game accessory for your Nintendo Wii. American Pool Deluxe which has been touted as the most precise pool game ever will have a virtual cue offered by Upshot Games. The "Realmotion Pool Cue" is a rugged yet elegant companion for this game. This virtual cue is to take advantage of the accelerometer function of the Wii remote.

"It is the dedication to realism that led to the development of the RealMotion Pool Cue for American Pool Deluxe," said Eric 'The Preacher' Yow, World Pool-Billiard Association Masse World Champion. "Tested extensively by real billiards pros like me, you can be assured this is the only real pool game for Wii."

This could be another fun game to play during parties. Or better still, on Friday nights with your mates. I wonder how you will balance the "virtual cue" without the side railing of the pool table available. Well I guess we will have to wait and see. I wouldn't mind giving it a try myself. American Pool Deluxe will be released for the Nintendo Wii this November for $49.99.

[Via IGN]