Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fellowship of the iRing: Inspired by Apple iPod!

Calm down, this is not a new movie by Peter Jackson. This is an all new iPod accessory which has been conceptualized by BehanceNetwork. Imagine wearing this ring on your finger to remotely control the playback function of your iPod and showing off to your friends. This all new iPod accessory matches you iPod in every way.

Thanks to the embedded bluetooth feature in this ring, you will be able to control the playback and volume features all via wireless control. To a
djust the volume, all you need to do is to slide your finger across the touch sensitive surface. Just tap on the Apple icon to play or pause songs. There is also a lock in case you accidentally tap on the touch sensitive surface. The ring also comes with a cradle which can also be used to charge the iring via USB.

Frodo, here's another mission for ya!

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