Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sony Ericsson Xperia dumps Windows Mobile?

sony ericsson xperia X1A lot has been said about the Sony Ericsson Xperia and it is safe to assume that it is the most anticipated smartphone yet from Sony Ericsson. With the smartphone market highly competitive, Sony Ericsson has done a good job of marketing its Xperia X1 smartphone which is due to be launched sometime during the 4th quarter of this year in UK. Details about the North America launch will be provided in November this year.

All said and done, this smartphone from Sony Ericsson was supposed to boost sales for the Windows Mobile platform from Microsoft. It is understandable that Sony Ericsson had chosen Windows Mobile as its platform since it was launching its first ever smartphone. It could be a "safe move" for them. But are they going to continue using the Windows Mobile platform for their future Xperia smartphone models?

Sony Ericsson had recently kicked off its digital marketing campaign for the Sony Ericsson X1 smartphone on Monday. But it was reluctant to provide any details with regard to the technical platform that it will be using for the future models of Xperia of which the X1 is the first.

"The brand is not tied into any specific technical platform," said Magnus Andersson, product manager for the X1.

This all new smartphone from Sony Ericsson packs quite a lot of features such as,
* 256MB RAM
* 400MB internal memory
* 512MB storage memory
* 3″ TFT touch screen display
* Arc Sliding QWERTY keyboard
* 3.15 megapixel camera
* Handwriting recognition
* Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system
* Office Mobile and Outlook mobile
* 3G and Video calling capability
* Wi-Fi connectivity
Pretty impressive huh? It is also able to run up to 9 applications simultaneously. That is something I really have to see considering the fact that it is running on Windows Mobile.

Considering the fact that Sony Ericsson has recently slipped behind LG Electronics but still ahead of Motorola in terms of sales, I believe they will be closely scrutinizing their future product platforms. HTC has been quite comfortably leading the pack of Windows Mobile enabled smartphones and to provide a good value proposition Sony Ericsson has to work hard at it. With all the hype about Google's Android would they be looking at it as well?

[Via Reuters]