Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nokia Morph Phone: Clean and Green Concept

I recently stumbled across this amazing concept phone from Nokia. Its called the Nokia Morph Phone. This concept has been created by the Nokia Research Center and the University of Cambridge. Yes, true to its name the device can be morphed into any shape as nanotechnology is the basis of its design.

"It’s made out of flexible materials, features transparent electronic parts and best of all, it cleans itself! E-paper and Sony’s flexible display are so obsolete once you get to see this baby in action. Imagine turning your phone into a flat surface and then turning it into a normal handset, at the exact time you receive a call."

This is an amazing new concept which features solar power harnessing as well as a self cleaning system. The actual design might be 7 years down the road! Bravo Nokia, now we can expect other mobile phone manufacturers to go for the clean and green concept! Nanotechnology can really inspire other upcoming communication devices as well.

[Via ConceptPhones]


Tame Your Technology said...

Mind blowing! What an amazing concept!