Monday, September 15, 2008

DINO2000 Animated T-Rex: Escape from Jurassic Park

Just came across this animated T-Rex called the DINO2000. Yeah, you guessed it! It's pretty much useless, makes hell a lot of noise and is just a bunch of bones put together. We could probably be seeing more "terrifying" creatures with the Halloween holiday approaching.

"The skeleton itself measures 13 feet tall by 25 feet long. You had best have some serious room for this one. But as if a life-like model of a T-Rex in your house weren’t enough, it is also equipped with six different movements that are so fluid and lifelike it’s truly amazing."

If you've got 21 Grand to blow and you've got a real high ceiling in your living room, you could go and get one. Don't forget to get some ear plugs!