Friday, September 12, 2008

Projector in your pocket: from 3M

3M pocket projectorFor long people have been complaining about projectors being bulky and not easy to carry around. In fact some even went to extent of saying "why not a projector in my cell phone?". This all new pocket projector from 3M is just 1 step closer to realizing it. 3M has announced the launch of the 3M MPro110 Mini Beamer. This little projector will definitely revolutionize the way you will conduct meetings or watch movies.

This projector could be the ultimate cheap projector in the market. You could probably use it to watch movies projected to a screen using this. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a speaker so you might want to get that separately. But then, this pocket projector just costs $359.

3M pocket projector

"The MPro110 is pretty basic looking on the outside—just a grey box. But it gets the job down. A VGA input lets you plug in a laptop; and the composite video jack will take output from a digital camera, PSP, iPod, iPhone, or most any handheld device (though video-out is still pretty rare on cellphones). A thumbwheel on the front allows you to focus."

This projector will go on sale on September 30th. What is their next project? Yeah, you guessed it - cramping this projector in a cellphone.

[Via Popsci]