Saturday, September 13, 2008

HP competes with Microsoft: OS to counter Vista

HP is all set to capitalize on Microsoft Vista's weakness. Users have for long complained about the shortcomings of Vista. Now there might be an alternative to choose. Who else but HP, the world's no.1 PC maker is embarking on this effort to create the next big operating system which is set to take on Microsoft Vista.

HP to develop its own OS to counter Vista

"In one of several recent moves by partners that sell or support the company's software, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), the world's No. 1 PC maker, has quietly assembled a group of engineers to develop software that will let customers bypass certain features of Vista, the latest version of Windows. Employees on a separate skunk works team are even angling to replace Windows with an HP-assembled operating system, say three sources close to the company."

HP has already acknowledged that it is taking efforts to develop this new OS. It has apparently assembled a team of engineers especially for this task. According to HP, this decision was made after customers complained about Microsoft Vista - which according to them slows down computers and does not work smoothly for certain tasks. HP will be developing its own OS on Linux and will reduce its dependency on Microsoft. This could be an effort to counter Apple which has recently gained market share with its own OS. Could we be seeing more Microsoft alternatives from other vendors as well?

[Via Businessweek]


Tame Your Technology said...

Interesting. Now I find this idea quite exciting. After all the horror stories surrounding Vista when it launched I have stayed with XP and am glad I have but any Microsoft competitor should help them raise the game. I keep on considering Linux but am pretty happy with XP at the moment - Google Chrome and Docs, now HPs OS, it looks like more and more companies are taking a bite out of swollen, slow, expensive old Microsoft. Should be an interesting saga to watch over the next few years...