Tuesday, September 16, 2008

iPod Nano 4G review: nothing new here...

ipod nano 4th generationIt's been a week since the all new iPod Nano 4G was launched by Steve Jobs. So its about time that we sat down to review this all new gadget from Apple. The first thing that comes to my mind when I look at the iPod Nano 4G is that its very much similar to the iPod Nano 2G (I hope you realize that I mean "Generation" when I say "G").

The all new iPod Nano 4G has the same 8GB and 16GB capacities as the previous version. It has a somewhat curved feeling to its body which makes it feel good when you are holding it. It is still pretty much small in size and would fit in your pocket nicely. One thing to note is that the edges are quite sharp so you might want to handle them carefully if your pants are pretty thin. It does have an improved user interface and the built in accelerometer is something to look forward to.

The smoothness of the accelerometer function is definitely an added advantage especially when it comes to playing games. Those games which were previously on the iPod Nano are able to access the motion sensing feature which makes it pretty cool. Switching from landscape to portrait mode is also typically fast and nothing new if you have used the iPhone or the iPod Touch before.

One feature to note is the Genius playlist creation feature which has been introduced by Apple. This little software feature browses through your collection of music and recommends the songs which could be grouped into a play list. Interesting feature but I wonder how it would work for international music collections. The iPod Nano 4G also comes with a Voice Memo application, but you need to buy a separate set of earphones as the standard ones do not have a mic. This all new iPod Nano comes in a variety of 9 colors to choose from but interestingly no white this time around.

Frankly speaking I don't see people rushing to Apple stores to change their iPod Nano 3G to the latest and greatest from Apple simply because of the lack of differentiating features. Apple could have taken some extra effort in the product planning phase of this device. But all said and done, if you are seriously looking for your first iPod Nano or worse - you want to change that iPod Nano 1G(cough) or 2G(cough) then you should get your hands on this. Amazon has started selling them already!
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BM said...

I know right? It's almost the same except this one is thinner.

Raj said...

Agreed my friend!