Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fitness gadget - yeah right that's what we need!

fitbit fitness gadgetOk! FitBit has apparently released a new fitness gadget according to TechCrunch. I really don't understand what is the hype about making gadgets to get you fit. This is not rocket science - cut the fat and exercise! Isn't that all you got to do? Or is there something I'm missing? This fitness gadget costs $99.

First we came across Nike+iPod. Well that's OK because that's for helping someone who has consciously decided to get off the couch and exercise. If you do that on a regular basis, I don't think you need one of these fancy gadgets. Apparently this little gadget has a wireless receiver which gathers data about your body statistics and sends it to a website. You can then input the food that you have eaten and also track sleeping patterns. I wonder if the website supports Indian cuisine! Do you have something to say about this product? If you do - the comment floor is all yours!



Tame Your Technology said...

Ah but the thing is though many people find exercise unpleasant and so anything possible to avoid it. If you can make exercising fun (such as with a Wii or similar gadget) then suddenly people are far more likely to lose weight.