Wednesday, September 10, 2008

iPod Nano 4th generation unveiled!

steve job unveils latest ipod nanoAs promised, here's the latest on the iPod nano. Steve Jobs has announced the launch of the latest iPod Nano 4th generation. There are quite a few distinct changes that have been made for this model. Among them a curved glass over the screen, a new user interface and the accelerometer of the iPhone/iPod touch. The new iPod Nano can also create genius playlists without having to link up to iTunes.

The all new iPod nano comes in 9 different colors and in an all aluminum body. The new Genius feature apparently turns your iPod into an intelligent personal DJ. It creates playlists by finding songs in your library that go together. You can also play games on the new iPod Nano using the built in accelerometer in the unit. Prices start from $149.

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Tame Your Technology said...

It looks amazing in that aluminium finish... mmmm... technolust... :-)

Raj said...

That's right tyt. But don't forget to check the post on the brand new iPod touch as well.