Thursday, September 11, 2008

Essential gadget for school and office: Capturx Digital Pen

adapx capturx digital penAlways wanted to transfer whatever you scribbled at lectures and meetings to your PC? The Capturx Digital Pen allows you to do just that. Unlike previous models, this Capturx Digital Pen from Adapx works with Microsoft Excel forms and even on ordinary paper thus eliminating the recurring cost of getting that special jotted paper. It can capture anything you write on paper and uploads the data to a PC via USB.

"The idea is that you create a form / spreadsheet in Excel, mark the cells that need to be filled and print that sheet. People can fill those forms using the digital pen and then you can simply connect it to your computer and all the records will be transferred into Excel as separate sheets."

Only drawback with this model is that it can't do audio recordings. You might want to get the previous model if you want one with audio recording. But then, you will need to use the special paper for that digital pen. Has anyone used these digital pens before? Let's hear about it in the comments.

[Via Labnol]