Thursday, September 11, 2008

The ceiling is the limit for this toy helicopter

Check out this all new toy helicopter from Japan. The inventors of this toy helicopter claim that it is the right toy for playing in small rooms. Not surprising considering the size of rooms in Japan. This toy helicopter descends right before hitting the ceiling of a room. This toy helicopter sends out electrical waves and features special sensors to prevent it from crashing on the ceiling.

The inventors claims that this toy helicopter is one of a kind. I definitely have not seen such a toy helicopter in the toy stores before. Have you? Currently this toy helicopter sells in Japan only for $92. It has a play time of about 30-60 minutes for a single 5 minute charge.

[Via CrunchGear]


Tame Your Technology said...

Smart idea. I have played with one that didn't have the sensor feature and so many people kept crashing it into the ceiling. Nt good for the toy, and you'd then have to trim it all over again for someone else to crash it ;-)