Thursday, September 11, 2008

The all new HTC Touch HD - another competition for the iPhone?

HTC Touch HDWell after the much hyped HTC Dream which is supposed to run on Android platform, Modaco reports some of the sneak snapshots of the HTC Touch HD. It has a 480 X 800 pixel display which is a nice big display. Cell phone users are getting more and more used to large screens thanks to the iPhone.

Dimensions of the HTC Touch HD are reported to be 115mm x 62.8mm x 12mm which is pretty much the same size of the iPhone. The HTC Touch HD also comes with GPS, HSDPA and a 5MP camera.

This mobile phone is definitely packed with features but then there is no WiFi. I think this might make potential customers to turn to the Samsung Omnia. With widespread access to WiFi networks many users depend on WiFi to surf the web and check their emails. All said and done, the HTC Touch HD runs on Windows Mobile - which is definitely not my favorite mobile operating system. Android would have been a better choice!


Tame Your Technology said...

Mmm, what don't you like about Windows Mobile? I'm definately not Microsofts biggest fan but WM has done for fine for years. What are the issues you have experienced?

Raj said...

Hi tyt, where do I start (lol). First of all, I think the generic skin on windows mobile is too boring. Secondly, I have not found windows mobile to be stable. Often the phone goes into ultra-slow response or crashes. I have an iPhone now and thats my yardstick. I have also used symbian OS and I found it to be much stable than WinMo.

Tame Your Technology said...

I have to agree the generic skin isn't too interesing but there have been some interesting blog posts lately - such as on liferhacker - which show ways to make your Win Mob handset *act* like an iPhone. New skins with shortcut buttons on the main screens etc. are possible, though unofrtunately they don't work properly on my Treo! D'oh!