Friday, September 12, 2008

Electrolux Toaster: Read the morning headlines on your toast

Would you like to read the morning headlines on your toast? Yes, you read that right! A designer has invented an Electrolux toaster which can burn pretty much anything on to your toast - including the morning headlines.

electrolux toaster
This scan toaster connects to your PC via USB and downloads pretty much anything on to your toast - it could be the daily headlines, weather, sports!

electrolux toaster

"Inside the toaster is a network of toasting “modules”, each heated by a hot wire. Each module can move by 30° and, once the user selects what they want on their toast - excluding a topping, of course - the modules align themselves and burn the appropriate content onto the bread."

This appliance is a finalist in a design competition run by Electrolux and was designed by Sung Bae Chang. Cool idea but useless?

[Via RegisterHardware]