Sunday, August 17, 2008

Philips WOW's you with 3D - no glasses necessary

Imagine being able to watch your movies in 3D, at home, and without any crappy glasses!!! Thanks to Philips, this might not be such a distant dream after all. Philips has introduced its WOWvx 3D 42 inch TV which is able to render 3D images using lenticular lens. The price of the TV is a whopping 6000 GBP which is a tad too expensive for the freakiest of geeks. Philips has also showcased its software which is able to render 2D images to 3D. This is really awesome. I'd like to watch 300 again... in 3D this time!!! This could well be the coolest innovation in TV technology for quite some time. This TV could well end up in most airports rather than our living rooms.

Anyone willing to make a donation?

Check out WOWvx here.

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