Friday, August 15, 2008

Kitchen and Bar Gadget: It glows when it flows

kitchen and bar gadgetThis must be one of the most interesting gadgets that I have come across in a while. Imagine the water from your tap "glowing" when it flows into your cup. Sounds far fetched? Not really. By simply attaching a temperature sensor to this gadget, it is able to impart different colors to the water flowing out of the tap. You can use this with any tap as it comes with a universal tap adapter.

I recently came across this gadget on crazyaboutgadgets. Whenever the water is turned on, an LED source is turned on which in turn imparts the "glow" to the water that flows out of the tap. As I mentioned, the Glow Flow Tap is fitted with a temperature sensor which glows in blue when the water is cold and in red when the water is hot.

Simple yet neat idea I must say. I'd like to fit one in my kitchen. Would you?