Sunday, August 17, 2008

Apple reigns supreme in Silicon Valley

Guess who's the king of Silicon Valley? It's Apple of course. Apple has managed to wrest the title from anothApple Incer giant Google. Following the success of the iPhone, share prices of Apple have increased while a drop in online advertising has resulted in a fall in Google's share prices. How is Google going to weather the storm? And how is Apple going to build on its success? Innovation is key to not just success - but even survival.

According to the Guardian, success of the iPhone has resulted in a huge surge in share price for Apple and a fall in online advertising has resulted in a fall in Google's profits. Apple's share price has increased 44% in the past 12 months and is valued in the market at $158.8bn which is a tad bit higher than Google's
Google$157.2bn. Apple has been at the helm of innovation for the past 2 years but we haven't seen anything from Google. Will Google be able to re-invent itself?


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