Saturday, August 9, 2008

Locator 2000 GPS vehicle tracking system

This picture shows a Locator 2000 GPS vehicle tracking system
One of the common problems faced by fleet companies and transportation companies is tracking the whereabouts of their vehicles. This becomes a concern as their fleet becomes larger and their coverage becomes wider as well. Global Tracking Communications Inc has introduced the Locator 2000 that is ideal for this situation.

Some of the features of this neat gadget include:

* Realtime vehicle location
* Realtime vehicle status (stopped, moving, or idling)
* Historical movement of vehicles
* Nearest vehicle to an address or another vehicle
* Custom landmarks for mapping and automated alerts based on vehicles' location
* Custom geofences for alerts when vehicle enters/exits geographic area
* Time reporting
o first start to last stop times
o idling times
o trip times
* Historical reporting (start time w/address, stop time w/address)
* Mileage reporting
* Vehicle maintenance alerts
* Backup battery (optional)
* Multiple telemetry (2 inputs and outputs)

The Locator 2000 automatically updates every 5 minutes, every hour or every day according to your needs. Logistics companies and taxi companies would definitely find this extremely useful.

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