Saturday, August 9, 2008

Garmin nuvi 260W portable GPS navigator

This picture shows a Garmin nuvi 260W portable GPS vehicle system
Garmin GPS products have always lived up to their reputation. This article looks at one of the smaller products from Garmin - the Garmin nuvi 260W portable GPS navigator. With an LCD screen measuring just about 4.3 inches wide, this is easily one of the most portable units made by Garmin.

Ease of use is one the strengths of the Garmin nuvi 260W. It comes preloaded with city maps along with a variety of different points of interests like hotels, restaurants, fuel stations and more. As with other GPS systems, you just need to touch the destination on the screen and the Garmin nuvi unit plots the route and takes you there. It even announces the names of the various streets making it unnecessary to take your eyes off the road. It also comes with a variety of travel tools such as:

- JPEG picture viewer
- World travel clock
- Currency converter
- Measurement converter
- Calculator

and more. It also comes with an SD card slot. This GPS gadget really packs a punch as one of the thinnest units with loads of features. Get yours here:

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