Saturday, August 9, 2008

New iPod dock station from Digital Signature

Mint 220 iPod docking system from digital signature with wireless speakers
iPods are making their presence felt everywhere - your pocket, the car, home and I mean everywhere!!! Quite a few manufacturers including Bose and Sharp have been successful in creating iPod docks which act as your home HiFi system by just simply plugging in your iPod into the docking station. Here we look at the Mint 220 Wireless Speakers with iPod Dock.

This system has been released by Digital Signature.

Besides the ability of reading iPhone contents, this new iPod dock reads Mac/PC files thanks to its 2.4GHz wireless connection. Our new device provides an output power of 30Watts (RMS) at 8Ω, a frequency range of 60Hz – 26KHz, and features two 3.5" full range speakers, and digital equalization function.

The Mint 220 is provided with an USB transmitter with an operating frequency of 2.4 GHz unlicensed ISM band, and a max RF output of 20dBm.

The speakers are not too bad according to Gizmodo.
The speakers themselves are adequate, though not as good as their previous wireless iPod dock effort. The 220 functions decently well as an iPod dock, but what you really want this for is its wireless speaker functions.

Well I'm always skeptic towards wireless speakers and with the 2.4GHz I'm sure there
are plenty of gadgets around the house to cause interference. I like sound "streamed" to my speakers the good old fashioned way. Yay!

[Via Akihabara News and Gizmodo]