Monday, August 11, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics fever for an MP3 player

This picture shows an MP3 player in the shape of the bird's nest stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Yeah that's right. Looks like the Chinese have managed to cash on the Olympics fever to produce this MP3 player. It looks like the bird's nest stadium that was built for the Olympics. Although I doubt there's any trace of avian saliva on it.

Some of the specifications are as follows:

* Support music format as: MP1、MP2、MP3、WMA、WMV、ASF、WAV etc
* Functional firmware updating
* FM tuner with stereo radio (optional)
* Plug and play USB function (Windows XP/2000)
* 7 EQ: Pop, Classic, Jazz, Rock, Normal, Dbb, Soft
* Built-in microphone and ultra-long recording and support WAV/ACT format
* Digital voice recording
* Support individuation files

Hardly a competitor for the iPods and other MP3 players out there. Another piece of junk?

[Via Geeph]