Thursday, July 3, 2008

Guinness Time

Guinness surger

Alright... Alright... I get it. What happened to the other G? It's Guinness time now. A most unusual combo in fact - Guinness + a cool Gadget. Its called the Surger. An absolute boon for those longing for a creamy, tasty, smooth, silky, cold pint all in the comfort of your home. Yeah I know I got carried away with all those adjectives but its not far from the truth. One of me mates (I hope you're reading this dude, cos you GOT to leave comments this time) can attest to that.
Imagine not having to head out to that friendly neighbourhood pub everytime you wanted to grab a Guinness draught. Sounds too good to be true? Well it aint (at least for them English folks for now) so. There is this electrical device called the Guinness Surger which provides this option. Its got a small plate on it, you pour a little water in that plate, place a pint of Guinness Draught Surger Beer on it and turn the power on. Lo and behold you get a perfect pint of that elusive draught you've been longing for. The little fella sends up ultrasonic pulses through the beer to create that creamy head that we all love! But its only available in the UK for now and it costs just 16.99 pounds. Its available in almost all Tesco Extras in the UK - exclusively. The Guinness Surger beer is available in Malaysia through some distributors in KL and Penang as well. For now the only way to get a Surger unit is if you have a return flight ticket to London. Anyone going there soon? Cheers! Damn I wish it was Friday night!


Ravin said...

Damn it, i had to read about this in wee morning, the only black stuff available for drinking now is COFFEEEEEE!!!!! arrggghhhh!!!! Well i have to agree with you bro, the Surger is indeed a fantastic product. Save you the time and also how else can you get hold of a drink which was brewed at St. James gate, Ireland. The surger can are not locally produced here. ;) It is mesmerising to see how the surger work, as the creamy top starts to build so would the smile on your face. Waiting to see you reaction bro!!!

Raj said...

Yes... Yes... this is something I am definitely looking forward to man!!!