Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ipod touch review

iPod Touch MP3 player

Look and Feel
The iPod Touch is sexy. It is significantly smaller than the iPhone (only 60% as thick). It is only a bit thicker than the iPod Nano. The screen is essentially the same as the iPhones that you get in the market without 3G. The difference being that the quality of blacks is arguably a bit washed out (this is a complaint only given by some of the buyers and will probably be fixed by apple. If your iPod Touch has any issues Apple will replace it). The iPod touch is all black, whereas the iPhone has a metal bezel around the front - this makes the Touch a bit better of a media playback device.

Battery Juice
The battery, as with all iPods before it is not removable. It is rated for 22 hours of audio, 5 hours of video, and 5 hours of WiFi internet browsing by Apple.

Playing with the toys
The multitouch display is one of the most striking features of the iPod Touch. It allows for really cool control, especially for internet and photo browsing. Only drawback is that there are no external speakers or mic on the ipod touch.

The audio, video, and web browsing is all great. The software is excellent and its very stable unlike some other big names we know.

Internet Browsing
The internet browsing on the iPod Touch works over any WiFi point to which you have access. The Touch uses Safari and is just as good as the iPhone in terms of its internet functioning.

iTunes WiFi store
Over a WiFi network, you can buy songs directly to your iPod Touch. What you can't do is download videos or podcasts over WiFi.

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Anfield.Red said...

Nifty gadget to have actually.. But, its a tad bit too bulky for my liking...

Looks as if you're sporting a hard-on if you drop it in the front pocket of your pants..