Friday, January 9, 2009

Twitemperature tells you how hot you are on Twitter!

twitemperature tells you how hot you are on twitter
How many of you use twitter? I love twitter as I can hook up with friends with similar interests and they normally help me out if I have a question. I also get to tweet my blog posts on twitter and usually people who like what I have posted visit my site. Since Twitter is getting so popular there have been quite a number of applications been written for twitter. Once such application I came across shows how hot you are on twitter - Twitemperature.

Here is an excerpt from their FAQ on how this application actually works:

"Twitemperature ignores meaningless points of measure like number of followers and number of people you are following, and instead focuses on what you're actually saying, now. We poll your last several hundred tweets and score what you're saying against what everyone else is saying in current hot conversations on Twitter and elsewhere."

As a new user of Twitemperature, I found that mine is an ice cold -4C. I guess I need to start sending more tweets. Have you tried to check what your Twitemperature is? Why don't we all share our results?

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