Friday, January 9, 2009

Turn your digital camera into a scanner

As we welcome this brand new year, why don't you throw away that bulky scanner on your desk and use your handy digital camera as a scanner instead? There is a new softwsnapterare called Snapter which helps to convert your digital camera into a mobile scanner. Now you can snap a photo anywhere you are and run it through snapter which ensures that your image looks like it was scanned on a flatbed scanner.
snapter correction
Well this certainly looks like a great tool to use for bloggers like me. I might suddenly look at an interesting article in a technology or gadget magazine which I want to blog about. Now I can just capture a photo of the page and later run it through snapter. Awesome! The basic version is free for download but you will need to buy the premium version.

Check out below for the different versions of snapter:
snapter versions
Would you buy one? Or would you just use the free version with the watermarks? Or would you not even bother?