Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Eee PC T91 sports a touchscreen as well!

asus eee pc t91 touchscreen swivel
Another touchscreen post for today! And it's Asus again! Asus has announced its low cost T91 netbook which sports a swiveling touchscreen as well. The new Eee PC T91 has a rotating display that can be spun 180 degrees and folded down as well. An old concept when it comes to swivels, but something new for netbooks especially the part about the touchscreen.

Even though this netbook is still only powered by the Intel Atom processor and Windows XP, Asus has still managed to pack quite a few features in the netbook. It comes with a built in GPS antenna, a TV tuner and an FM transmitter. I am thinking if Asus is moving away from the concept of a true netbook which was solely intended for doing emails and surfing the web. We don't have any details on pricing yet, but if Asus manages to keep the retail price cheap enough then I guess we will all be getting one soon.