Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Digital Photo Frames being replaced by LCD TVs?

lg digital photo frame lcd tv
LG has recently announced a 47-inch digital photo TV which will display a static picture of your choice when the TV is in standby mode. You can choose to display any picture you like and if you are the type who hangs the TV on the wall, perhaps this is the best time to show off that great picture you took of the sunset during your vacation to the tropical islands.

I'm sure you will save the effort of hammering a nail to the wall but how many TVs can you buy? I'm pretty sure that the digital photo frames are way cheaper than an LCD TV. Anyway, LG also claims that the Digital Photo TV's power consumption is only around 10 to 15% of the level consumed while actually watching TV. This is achieved by leveraging the panel's idle memory instead of external memory attached to the set when used in digital photo mode. And yes, LG will be showcasing this Digital Photo TV during this week's CES.