Thursday, December 4, 2008

Now you can watch Live TV on the iPhone

iphone live tv livestation
Livestation, a P2P desktop application called is to unveil Live TV streaming on the iPhone on Thursday. You could also stream it on the iPod Touch. Yes I know, its real cool! Check this out - Livestation is actually brought to the iPhone by a UK startup company called Skinkers which is actually part owned by Microsoft. So you could actually say that live TV is brought to the iPhone by Microsoft! Now this is really cool!!! Check out the Youtube Video for a demo.


Oliver said...

Wow! This is wicked, I was going to get an iPhone, but I needed one more thing to tip me over the edge to actually go and spend that much on a phone, but I think this may have just done it for me! You should get some royalty for my sale or something! Hehe

Raj said...

@Oliver: I wish Oliver, I really wish :)

autotechnos said...

what about Nokia N97