Friday, December 5, 2008

Cheap sub $100 netbook hitting the stores soon!

coby electronics cheap sub $100 netbooksThat's right. More news about cheap gadgets are trickling in. It seems that Coby Electronics is working on a really cheap sub $100 netbook that could be arriving as early as March 2009. So if you are planning to get that Asus netbook, hold on to your horses and check this one out first.

The PoqetMate-7 and PoqetMate-9 will have 7-inch and 9-inch displays, respectively, and be based on the Chinese Loongson processor with a keyboard roughly the same size as the original Eee PC. Both the models will be going on sale by March 2009 for around $99.95. That's a real neat price for a notebook eh? I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised to know that these netbooks don't run on windows - they run on Linux so you better start getting used to the interface before getting one. Its free after all!
[Via Slashgear]


Gerardo said...

I wonder what the specs will be on this notebook. I can't imagine it will have higher than 1GB ram, or even a 40GB Hard drive. :|

Marcin - New Gadgets said...

1GB for $100 netbook will be enough for web surfing but even 40gb hard drive will be kinda small, should be at least 60GB

john said...

1GB for $100 netbook, really enough.