Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Apple Mac Mini under $500?

new mac miniSteve Jobs recently mentioned that Apple doesn't know how to make a $500 machine that is not a piece of junk! I'm guessing he might have to eat his words soon. News is that Apple is planning to launch an all new Mac Mini for just $499 during the upcoming Macworld event in January.

With the recent global slowdown everyone is on a tight budget and looking for a deal. Not many folks out there are looking for the latest and greatest specs on their machines after all. PC manufacturers are seeing sales of netbooks still being healthy due to their low price. Its time for Apple to start working on low cost models too! I'm sure there are a lot of Mac lovers out there who are just waiting to get their hands on a spanking new machine but putting their plans off due to the high prices. Well if Apple does indeed get their act together with this one, it might be a boon for PC shoppers. If you can't wait for the new model, you might as well check the other models of the Mac Mini here! Have fun shopping, maybe you could pick a nice deal for Christmas.