Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Asus Eee Now Powered By Celeron

asus eee box b203A new model has been added to the Asus Eee lineup - Asus Eee box B203. What's new is that its now Celeron powered. Its pretty much unchanged from the B202 (no, that's not an aircraft by Boeing) and it features a budget-minded Intel Celeron 220 CPU, instead of the Intel Atom found in earlier versions. The hard drive options have also been increased to 120GB and 160GB models. The earlier version came with a 80GB hard disk.

The B203 comes with four USB ports, a flash card reader, a DVI output, and Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Nettop runs Windows XP Home, but Asus recommends Windows Vista although I would stay away from it for all my life. Pricing is still not available yet on Asus' website. But if you are looking for the complete lineup of Asus Eee models, you could look it up here


tony said...

Hi mate ,great job.
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