Thursday, November 13, 2008

Now your cellphone and landline phone can work together

xlink cellphone landline phone
How many of us have ditched our landline telephones since cellphones have become popular and dare I say - cheap? Well I'm pretty sure that most of us don't rely on the landline phone anymore. But at times, I do miss my landline phone simply because of its simplicity and of course - no coverage issues or dropped calls. Thanks to Xtreme Technology, now there is a solution for both the cell phone and the landline phone to work together.

It recently announced two new Xlink Bluetooth gateways, the Xlink BT and the Xlink BTTN, that allow you to use your regular telephone to handle your cell phone service. Both gateways let you take cell calls on your landline phone and support up to three Bluetooth-enabled mobile handsets. The new XLink BT, however, is for those without a landline service, like me, while the XLink BTTN lets you take your landline calls on your mobile phone and vice-versa.

Certainly something very interesting I must say. Now you can marry your cellphone to your landline phone!