Monday, October 13, 2008

Unlocking Android Phones: Cool or Crazy?

google phone unlockDid you know that Google's Android phones such as the HTC Touch Dream do not need a 4 digit pin to unlock the phone? The phone has a login screen with 9 dots on which you will need to connect the dots with a pattern which will unlock the phone. According to the developers this could be a simple pattern or a complex one. The question is... is the method really secure? There are definitely many permutations and combinations possible with the dots on the phone screen. I am not sure if Google has taken a step too far in the name of innovation.

I'm pretty sure I can remember my 4 digit password even if you wake me up in the middle of the night - but remembering a complex pattern that I drew a month ago on my phone? Well I'm not so sure if I can remember it. Moreover, what about the oil stain on the phone when I drew the pattern right after a meal at McDonald's? Isn't that clue enough for anyone else to unlock my phone?


BM said...

That's cool, IMO