Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ford's MyKey: Control your Teen Drivers

ford mykeyHow many of you out there have always wondered how your teen drivers have been driving your brand new car? Ford seems to have come up with just the solution to put your mind at peace - Ford MyKey. Using the MyKey parents will now be able to control their teen drivers' driving habits and keep them in check.

The MyKey is basically a chip in a key which can be programmed to curtail the vehicle's top speed up to 80mph.

"The MyKey will come standard with the 2010 Focus coupe and eventually will be available on other Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury models, according to Ford."

The Ford MyKey will also be programmable to limit the volume of the car stereo and even emit a chime every 5 seconds until the driver wears his or her seat belt. In addition to this, the MyKey can also be programmed to chime every time the car's speed reaches 45 mph, 55 mph and 65 mph to warn the young drivers about their acceleration.

This is definitely a neat gadget by Ford, but I'm not really sure how effective a chime is going to be in curtailing reckless teen drivers (no not all of them are reckless). Road safety should start by educating them and instilling safety as a habit in them. Gadgets such as the Ford MyKey could serve as deterrents but are not fool proof!