Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Would you pick the Gadget or the Girl?

A Connected Life reports about a new reality series that is about to be unveiled by Playboy TV soon. This all new reality TV show is pretty much on the lines of the "Bachelor" where a guy has to choose what or who he loves the most - Gadget or the Girl?. Is this the question on every guy's mind?

Apparently in the beginning of the show, a guy starts out with three beautiful (aka HOT) girls. He will eventually have to choose two out of the three and will need to "get to know" them. Next step is to pick one girl of his choice - yeah I'm sure you guessed it. Ok, here's where it gets interesting. For the last and final round he will need to choose between an awesome gadget and the girl of his choice. The gadget could be something real cool like a 60 inch plasma TV or a HD home theater system or something like that (you get the drift). Now, IF you were in the show what or who would you choose?


BM said...

I would pick the Gadget, bcoz I'm a girl too.

Tame Your Technology said...

Hahaha! That's a crazy idea! Surely you'd have to pick the girl? (Especially looking at the picture there!). If I picked a gadget over my girlfriend ever I'd be black and blue for weeks :-)

bm - a gadget loving girl? Unusual, but cool...