Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Top 5 alternatives to the Apple iPod Nano

I think a lot has been said about the ipod nano 4th generation since it was launched last week. New Gadgets Guru also ran a post about its review as recent as yesterday. But think about it, do we really have other alternatives out there? What if I DIDN'T want to buy an Apple product? Where would I go, what would I buy?

Here are some alternatives to the iPod Nano you can consider. They are in no particular order.

1. Microsoft Zune
Clearly a worthy contender for the iPod Nano. Ever since Microsoft announced its plans to get into the MP3 bandwagon, it has been making steady progress in this market. It is still a long way from the undeniable leader of the pack though. Anyway, this little device has excellent audio fidelity, podcast support and an intuitive user interface. Yes, it allows music sharing over WiFi!

2. Samsung S3
I've always thought that the biggest thing that Apple did was to position the iPod Nano as the benchmark for mp3 style. Well now that might change with the Samsung S3 being a contender in terms of the style department. Of course an MP3 player does need to do a good job at being a fun device and the Samsung S3's user interface does a neat job at that.

3. Sony NWZ-S710F
An audio player discussion without mention of Sony? Don't think that's possible. Even though being a late entry in this department Sony has been pretty much successful in churning out quality MP3 players. The Sony NWZ-S710F does deserve special mention for its sound quality. And did I mention they include active noise-cancelling headphones in the box? Yummy!

4. Creative Zen Mozaic
Yes, Creative Zen deserves a mention too. But rather than for its sound quality or super duper features, it is more for an "affordable" price tag. You could easily pick one up for less than $100 at a store near you. But other than that... (yawn!).

5. Sandisk Sansa Fuze
Ok this baby is a real bargain. If you're lucky you could even pick the 8GB model for less than $100. Now that's what I call a bargain. The sound quality is pretty neat too. It is a nice little compact beauty and comes with a micro-SD slot for additional storage space as well. Like a station wagon with some extra space in the trunk. You never need it but you want one!

Do you have a favorite that I might have missed? Let me know and I'll write it up next time!


Mr. I said...

Well, personally, I think that nothing beats Nano when it comes to sound quality!

Raj said...

Mr.I, interesting observation. But the general feeling that I have is that the ipod nano could be better in terms of sound quality. Full marks to its UI and coolness though!

BM said...

The Creative Zen Mozaic looks so cool to me, It actually looks like a phone.

Tame Your Technology said...

You're so right when you see the Ipod is seen as the "benchmark" in mp3 players. Thats part of the problem now - anything else looks "wanna-be" and uncool, while the Ipod is the "genuine article".