Friday, September 19, 2008

SDK for Sony Bravia TV

Well it definitely looks like everybody has got the SDK fever - thanks to Apple. Sony is the latest addition to this list but has been quite creative by releasing an SDK for its Bravia line of LCD TV's. I never knew that Sony Bravia LCD TV's were able to display applications on the screen. Apparently some of the Sony Bravia LCD TV series (the ones which come with an ethernet port) have mini desktops built into them which could display applications like RSS feeds, clock etc.

For now this SDK is only available in Japan and only on Windows platform. Users will be able to download the SDK and write their applications and send it for Sony's approval. Pretty much on the lines of App Store from Apple. But Sony has promised that approvals will not take long as the applications will not be more than 1.3MB. They are even holding a competition for the best application and the grand prize is a Bravia KDL-40F1 LCD TV. The contest ends on January 8th, 2009. So if you're living in Japan and would like to create an application for your Sony Bravia TV, you can download the SDK from here.

[Via sonyinsider]

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