Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kenwood launches new line of MP3 players: Media Keg MG-E

Kenwood Media Keg MG-E MP3 playerKenwood has announced the arrival of its all new "Media Keg" MG-E series MP3 players. This all new line of MP3 players will be available by the end of September according to Kenwood. The MG-E series MP3 players will be available in black, white or red. This MG-E series MP3 player from Kenwood features both a micro-SD card as well as in-built memory for you to store your favourite tunes.

Some of the main features include:
- MicroSD slot
- Low distorting achieved utilizing a high quality D/A converter
- Plays CD quality WAV
- 5-band graphic equalizer for high precision digital processing
- Set your favorites without a PC
- 1.5 inch color display
- Digital image playback
- 54 hours of play
- Software provided for transfer of songs

You will be able to get the 2GB version for $130 while the 4GB version will retail for about $145.