Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome Screenshots - sneak preview

Want a sneak preview of Google Chrome's screen shots? Check it out here.

I invite your comments here about this latest and greatest web browser from Google.


Tame Your Technology said...

The screenshots look smart, but am I only one who wonders if the world really needs another browser - least of all one that may offer the "spying" abilities that some of Google's other applications do? Many people refer to Google Desktop as not much better than Spyware. Sure, I love Google and use many of their services, but the question is whether Chrome will gain traction because it is pushed by Google or because it is so much better than IE, Firefox, Flock et al.?

bm said...

honestly I'm not thrilled when I see this one. Chrome will go a looonggg way before it can come close to FireFox.

Raj said...

I just tried Google Chrome (albeit the beta version). I have to admit that I was disappointed. I will be writing a post about my experience pretty soon.