Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Credit card sized hard disk drive from Samsung

Samsung credit card sized hard disk drive"Sorry Sir, you can't pay with with your hard disk drive". Imagine the friendly lady at the counter telling you that! Well it might happen if you're not careful what you take out of your wallet. Samsung has recently unveiled a credit card sized portable hard disk drive which has a capacity of up to 120GB.

120GB is pretty much a lot of storage for a drive enclosure of this size, and certainly better than using a regular USB flash drive in terms of capacity. The drive is a 4200rpm drive which only requires 1.4W of power, so you can power it with a USB port. The unit is currently retailing at around $300.

Other options available are: 40GB, 60GB or 80GB which are currently selling for $160, $190 and $235 respectively. Could this be the Macbook Air of hard disk drives?
[Via Wired]


bm said...

This is so cool. 120GB? Wow, we must really take care of that 'card' in case we store data in it.

Raj said...

Yeah it is cool. But just be careful when you put it in the wallet with your other cards, the magnetic interference might just destroy all the data.