Friday, September 19, 2008

CCFL or LED: Which would you prefer for LCD monitor backlights?

Recent news suggest that LG might be the first to offer an LED back light solution for notebook LCD screens with the recent launch of its 17.1 inch RGB LED Backlight LCD for Notebook PC. This is different from the traditional CCFL back light modules that was offered before. The front panel is still LCD but it is the technology of the back light which has evolved. LG will be mass producing it so we could probably be seeing cheaper LED back light LCD screens on our laptops very soon. But is it really important?

Well the LED back light solution is supposedly better in terms of the display of colors and for a better contrast ratio as well. These are two very important factors that you would look for in an LCD screen. The LED back light solution supposedly increases colors by about 40 percent and improves contrast ratio by about 30 percent. It is also good news for mother earth as the product contains eco friendly components and less mercury. It definitely looks like the perfect alternative to traditional CCFL back light LCD displays!

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BM said...

I choose LED also.

Technical Inspiration said...

Well in theory there should be an energy saving because LEDs use less power than traditional cathode lights for the same brightness, right?

Raj said...

Absolutely! LED technology is definitely the way to move forward.