Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Guinness" I screamed..."Guinness ice cream!!!"

Just my second post on Guinness this one. I haven't been doing enough justice to this bitter nectar of immortality. Here's an interesting piece of news. Did you know that you could actually make ice cream with Guinness? We've all heard about marinating chicken with Guinness or using Guinness as a sauce for cooking. But ice cream? No way? Yes way!!! Check out the recipe for Guinness Milk Chocolate ice cream.

Let me know how it turned out when you try it! I'm looking forward to trying it out myself. Just make sure you don't overdo the Guinness portion in the ice cream!!!


Ravi said...

Haha - What will they think of next? Maybe we should start experimenting and come up with some products ourselves. How about the following:
1. Guinness flavored sweets
2. Guinness flavored hacks (to cure the common cold)
3. Guinnes infused chocolates

Raj said...

Yeah Interesting... I guess I dont have to wait for FNS anymore. Desert time would be good enough... haha!!! Guinness flavoured chocolates sounds like a good idea... hmmm!!!