Sunday, July 27, 2008

Get your iPhone 1st gen unlocked and upgraded to 2.0

Check out these steps to unlock and upgrade your iPhone to firmware version 2.0

Hi there, the following experiment (don't worry it works) will guide you through the steps to upgrade your current iPhone to the latest version 2.0. This applies for all versions of iPhone firmware (1.1.X). These steps will upgrade your firmware, unlock (yes, you can use any sim card) and also installs Cydia (this is the latest installer which allows you to install 3rd party applications). And of course you can setup an iTunes account and download applications from AppStore.

(NOTE: Before doing this, I suggest that you
do a full sync of your iphone first so that you do not lose any data) - important!!!

Stuff you need:

1. iPhone (of course!)
2. iTunes version 7.7. You can download it from the following link.
3. .NET Framework. (If you are running Vist
a, you don't need it. This is for Windows XP users).
Download link.
4. Winpwn. You can download this from here.
5. IPSW Firmware file. Download it from here.
6. Bootloader files 3.9 and 4.6
7. Time and Patience


1. Install iTunes 7.7, .NET Framework and Winpwn.

2. Once done, open Winpwn from the desktop launch icon

3. Click on “Browse .ipsw”

4. Locate the 2.0 firmware IPSW which was downloaded

5. Winpwn will check if the IPSW file is valid. Now click on “IPSW Builder” button.

6. Select the following settings from the “Applications” Tab

7. Leave the “Custom Images” and “Custom Payload” tabs as it is and move on to the “Advanced” tab. Choose the following settings.

For the Bootloader files, click on the button, browse for the bootloader files that you downloaded and select the right versions.

8. Click the Build .ipsw button at the bottom left to build your custom ipsw firmware file. Then save the custom IPSW file in your computer.

9. Once winpwn has finished, you should see the following message.

10. Next click on the “iPwner” button and select the custom IPSW that was just created.

11. You will now receive a notification that iTunes has been pwned, meaning iTunes will now be able to use custom IPSW files.

12. Now connect your iphone and set it to “Recovery Mode”. To set the iphone into recovery mode, you will need to
a. First turn off your iphone
b. Then hold the “Home” button
c. While holding the “Home” button connect the USB cable to the computer. (Do not let go of the “Home” button)
d. Then iTunes will automatically launch and detect iPhone in the recovery state.
e. If the instructions are not so clear you can refer to this YouTube Video that shows you how to do it.

13. Once iTunes detects the iphone is recovery mode, you should see the following message

14. Hold on to the SHIFT key and click Restore

A pop up window will appear asking you to choose the IPSW file. Choose the one that has been created using winpwn (custom IPSW file).

15. Now be patient and wait for approximately 20 minutes. iTunes will put the iphone into recovery mode and upgrade your firmware to 2.0. And don’t worry, all your data will be backed up and restored once iPhone boots up. And during the entire process do not turn off the iphone or unplug it from iTunes.

16. Once its done you should see your iphone unlocked, with AppStore and Cydia (for installing 3rd party applications)

Have fun!!!

Article Acknowledgement: Ram

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