Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Streaming content from your PC to TV is now a breeze

stream content from PC to TVHow would you like to stream content from your PC to your TV without running ugly wires around the living room? Now you can stream your favorite movies directly to your brand new large screen TV using Wisair's USB adapter. If you decide to get creative, you could also stream the content to a secondary monitor or even a projector. If this really kicks off, I wonder what's the fate of those projectors in meeting rooms.

This Wisair USB adapter offers VGA and HDMI connections but here's the catch - it can't stream anything in 1080p. So if you were planning to stream that HD movie from your PC to the TV, that's not going to happen for now. My guess is that this limitation is due to the bandwidth limitation of USB 2.0 and nothing else. But at $129 this is a good deal for those who regularly stream content to their TVs. I'm not one of those but if a version with USB 3.0 comes out, then I might consider getting one to stream those HD movies I bought on iTunes!