Monday, December 15, 2008

iPhone Nano To Be Revealed In January?

iphone nano to be revealed in januaryThere have been quite a number of blogs that have reported that the iPhone will soon be sold at Walmart - albeit a 4G model. But the latest news is that this could actually be the iPhone Nano. The rumor has been fueled by the fact that Idealschina is creating a silicone casing as shown in the picture which could fit the iPhone Nano's dimensions.

According to IdealsChina “It is the same height as the just release Nano but wider and thicker and with the same iPhone 3G contours. It has 3 sensors, camera, mirror screen but no 3G. Production will start on the 20th with 60,000 to 80,000/day pieces coming off the assembly line. Steve Jobs will be announcing it during the January MacWorld Show and you will find it in the stores shortly afterwards.”

I definitely feel that this is the right time for a stripped down, cheaper version of the highly successful iPhone. Keeping in mind the economic situation, it is highly unlikely that consumers would be looking to change their phones if they are going to be too expensive. With a phone which has all the coolness of the iPhone but with just enough specifications Apple might just hit the bulls eye once again!