Monday, December 22, 2008

iPhone 3G unlocked via software!

iphone 3G software unlock
I'm sure a lot of you might have read that a software unlock for the iPhone 3G doesn't exist and the only way to unlock is to use a turbo SIM which is a piece of hardware attached to your sim card. But the iPhone Dev team has released a demo video on their upcoming iPhone 3G unlock through software. This process requires you to jailbreak the phone and software over writes the baseband.

In the actual unlocking video, MuscleNerd shows that the phone is legitimately SIM locked to the AT&T network. He then shows that it is indeed locked by inserting a T-Mobile SIM card and attempts to make a phone call. MuscleNerd then runs the yellowsn0w program using terminal and the process is completed in just a few seconds. To show that the phone is unlocked he journeys to the about page which displays the T-Mobile carrier. MuscleMan then placed a call to the unlocked iPhone 3G confirming that the process has worked.

This is certainly a dream come true for many iPhone lovers. But the fact still remains that if you have upgraded your iPhone to version 2.2, then this unlock will not work. So don't upgrade your iPhone 3G just yet. I'm sure there will be a solution for version 2.2 in the near future. Click here if you would like to view the video of the iPhone 3G unlocking!