Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do you still want to buy a fancy phone?

Almost every other piece of news seems to be filled with doom and gloom about the economy and how it is the next worst thing in history to the great depression. But then, life still goes on. I'm sure a lot of people might not succumb to these sentiments and still go one with their normal routines. So lets say you are cutting costs but still looking for a fancy phone. Which one would you choose?

Well first of all I guess you will need to consider which kind of mobile phone you would like to purchase. We recently published an article called Mobile Phone Buying Guide: 5 things you must consider! And then you can decide on how many fancy features do you want? And which service provider fees can you afford?

If you are looking at smartphones, I got to say that the iPhone should be on top of your list. It retails at around $199 with a data plan with AT&T. That's not too bad considering how cool it is. Then you could also consider the Blackberry Storm and the G1 as alternatives if you think Steve Jobs is the devil's reincarnation.

But smartphone buyers also need to examine the service fees they'll have to pay for two years, as phone discounts come in exchange for a commitment, as carriers look to recoup the portion of the phone's cost that they shoulder.

Also, operators won't sell you some smartphones unless you commit to a monthly fee for data services such as Web surfing, which take advantage of the phones' computer-like features.

Of course there is the option of completely ignoring the smartphones and choosing something which is more "basic". There are still tons of phones around which offer basic features and are quite cheap. These are the Nokias, Samsungs and the LGs of the world which offer such phones. But again it begs the question whether you can afford the carrier's voice and data plan. So if you are getting a good rebate on a phone you probably might want to investigate more into what kind of marriage you are getting into with the carrier!